Usha Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.


Members Speak

Sangita Kurmi, 26

Artist, Dancer, Aspiring Businesswoman
Sangita’s involvement with USHA goes back to her childhood. As a trusted and loyal member of USHA, Sangita’s grandmother has been awarded loans from USHA several times in the past two decades to support her family. Sangita, herself, has been a member of USHA for the past eight years. The granddaughter of a sex-worker, Sangita has been involved in many of Durbar Mahila Samanay Committee’s (DMSC- one of the largest sex-workers’ collectives in Asia) activities. She is a member and teacher at Shristi (a vocational training unit for members of the sex-work community) and a dancer at Komal Gandhar (a cultural unit of DMSC) for the past eighteen years. Having built up her savings through USHA’s various savings programs, Sangita was recently able to take out a loan of Rs. 2,50,000 from USHA to buy a plot of land near the countryside. In the past, she was also able to secure a lease to her own apartment with the help of an USHA housing loan. Sangita’s current hobbies include dance, crafts and art. While currently Sangita works as an event manager at DMSC and an instructor at Shristi, in the future, she would like to open a vocational training institute of her own for women of all ages and communities interested in creating beautiful artwork and handicrafts.